Garfield Saves The Holidays

Garfield Saves The Holidays 1.0.4

Garfield puts down lasagna and picks up weapons to fight aliens

Defend your house and food from aliens in the tower defense game**, Garfield Saves The Holidays on Android. ** View full description


  • Good graphics
  • Good use of Garfield characters
  • Fun


  • Frustrating to wait for energy to recharge
  • Controls aren't completely intuitive
  • Simplistic compared to games in genre


Defend your house and food from aliens in the tower defense game**, Garfield Saves The Holidays on Android. **

It's that (space and) time of the year

Aliens have come to Earth to take every last bit of food. One lasagna-loving cat and his friends are the only thing stopping these extra-terrestrials from eating all their delicious holiday treats. Waves of aliens move towards and attack Garfield's house in an attempt to get to the food. Garfield Saves The Holidays gives you a whole selection of ways to stop those pesky E.T.'s from attacking. Spitting watermelon seeds, throwing pies, and summoning friends are some of the weapons that Garfield has at his disposal. 

Garfield Saves The Holidays has plenty of features including: a robust leveling system, a plethora of items, and enjoyable side games. Unfortunately without in-app purchases, you will be stuck waiting for Garfield's energy to recharge before you can play again.

How to play

You control the titular character in Garfield Saves The Holidays by tapping on screen where you want him to walk. He will automatically attack the aliens if he is in striking range. If there is considerable distance between him and the aliens, he will throw projectiles. If he's closer, he will do a melee attack. You can also call upon Garfield's friends to take up the fight against the other-worldly invaders by tapping on their icons in the lower left corner of the screen. Garfield also has special attacks (e.g. launching pies) that can be used to slow down your enemies.

How it looks

Graphics in Garfield Saves The Holidays are excellent and does an admirable capturing the comic strip feel. Like the most popular game of this genre, Plants vs Zombies, the characters in Garfield look colorful and comical. The sound effects are equally high-quality and humorous. 

The Verdict

Garfield Saves the Holidays is an entertaining, simple-to-play game that would otherwise be excellent for the holidays if you didn't have to wait for Garfield's energy to recharge. 

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Garfield Saves The Holidays


Garfield Saves The Holidays 1.0.4